Saturday, October 20, 2012

So much choice in Seafood Bandar jakarta : Taman impian jaya ancol

Ramzi smart travel |seafood  bandar jakarta | So much choice of sea food in bandar jakarta are ready to choice , cooking and eat . Crabs , bawal fish , gurame fish , shrimps , jelly fish one others are ready stock in the aquarium.just choice you can see the price that list in the wall of aquarium so you can choice as similar wist your pocket.because the coice also ready from low price to the exspensive ones.The vegetable and fruit also ready here. Some type seldom crab or fish also readuy here but with different price too.

Eat of the seafood is more sensation in serve with fresh and hot . so we must wait the bandar jakarta chef  cooking my order and we must wait for about 20 minute the food.And until wait the main food we can eat snack and drink a fresh juice.

You also can playing and surfing with a boat with around of the river for about 30 minute with cost about 20.000 idr per person.

That a boat with small  indonesians flag that can use to rounded in the river as a back ground.

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