Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SensationsTraveling from pangkal pinang - mentok - palembang through musi river

Ramzi smart travel | traveling pangkal pinang - mentok - palembang throught musi river | Make traveling by car and ferry from musi river be especial sensations for us.some place had been fill my brain to be remember.After travel and stay in tanah liat we planing to back to palembang via sea and musi river by car and ferry .

After around at travel place of bangka like main governor office   at air itam  ,kuil-fathin-san sungai liat , tanjung-pesona-beach , parai-beach-resort and tin-museum-of-bangka  , we prepare to back to palembang via muntok by a fiber ship.

Ready to go to mentok harbour bangka,at 6 a clock in the morning by bus.May be we are spend about 3 hour to reach montok.with about ten person we are go together.

With a local bus brand express bahari we are all together run by mid speed in about 50 km per hour.This locations is place where the driver decide to take a rest and eat in a restourant at middle between mentok harbour and pangkal pinang

In the ships or ferry that is a vip place with air conditions room . Temperature of this room cool enought similar with the price of ticket.But when we come in to the ships its feel crowded enough so we must queue in the cate of the ship.

This is a local children in musi river , he wait a ship pass away in his location and with the boat he waiting some people in the ship will throwing a metal money or coin to the river and this child will dive in under yellow dirty water to looking for the money.Actually this action is danggerous for this child but all off this child can swimming and diving.

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