Sunday, October 28, 2012

Swimming pool of grand zurich hotel and pekanbaru destination from 5th floor open ground

Ramzi smart travel | swimming pool of grand zurich hotel | Grand zurich hotel is one of few 4 star hotel in pekanbaru city . Locations of this hotel is in rajawali street senapelan , its beside of senapelan plaza and opposite with mall pekanbaru .This locations is at centre of pekambaru and also near from a jatra hotel as a 5 star hotel that get position above of mall pekanbaru.grand zurich hotel have a open groun swimming pool with destinations of various building that we can see from here.want to know?

Swimm in the morning with a blue sky as a roof make swimm so exitism and fresh as take abath in the highland or in the mountain , although we are swimm in the centre of crowded city.bleu sky similar and explisit with a blue colouring water make swimm more expextation.

Hotel room is stand up beside of this swimming pool.In the morning is swimming pool locations still closing by the shadows building of hotel so locations is not too heat until mid day but it will different when afternoon.

Mall pekanbaru is exist in opposite position with the hotel and beside of the hotel is still stand a senapelan plaza thats one of the older plaza in pekanbaru .Some food and kulliner are ready in this mall and plaza like satay , noodle , A&W resto , kentucky , and other.

Transportation also variative in that place , begin from taxi , bus of transcity , motor cycle  and others.If you want to looking the others place you just walking to the end of mall pekanbaru and you found a sudirman street the most crowded street in pekanbaru , because some of office , bank and market are exist as long as the sudirman street.

Some of entertainment place also exist in this locations like a MP entertaint in mall pekanbaru , PR entertainmen in plaza senapelan and XP entertainment at sudirman street . Some hotel are stand up around of this grand zurich hotel locations like a jatra hotel above of the mall pekanbaru , aston hotel in front of mall pekanbaru , furaya hotel beside of fruit market sudirman street.

At the end of this swimming pool you can see a plaza senapelan had stand with a strong and need to visiting too,soo what do you waiting for in the future when visite to pekan baru came and stay here ...hehehe may be in the future pekanbaru also will be a big planning that is ISG or famous as Islamic Soladirity Game its a game for more than 57 islamic nation for sport competition. it planning at mid of 2013...

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