Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A way to avoid be doubtful , when parking in mall with many floor and wide parking area..

Ramzi smart travel | head ache and doubt when looking for a car in wide parking area | Many mall and big market or big office it really have a big , wide and also higher parking area some time when come in to the parking area we are forgot in which area our car had parking so when our actifity had finish we are want to back or go out we head ache and round of some floor to looking for our car and some time had make report to the security that your car had stolen or others.

So what will we do as a problem solving when meet this's easy if you interest . As we know that in this time so much of people in the world had a gadget , phohe , smart phone , tab ,ipad , small digital kamera or just need take shoot the guide information which always write in the walls of parking area.than save in you memory that enoug for a note when you doubt about your car parking place.

if you did not have some gadget above you maybe note in your card , note book , others to recall when you forget the parking area.

For a mall travel shopping cholia or window shooping cholia don't forget to take picture with your hp or smart phone camera as a note where place or where floor your car had park.

This picture is take when parking in a wide and hight parking area in Mall taman anggrek jakarta , that just to remember the car park locations.

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