Sunday, October 28, 2012

How Exotic Spirit travel place in a high land sidikalang

Ramzi smart travel | Spirit travel place in sidikalang | Alhought , always pass by to sidikalang when i work at south aceh . But i just one time came in to this spirit travel place . Potitions of sidikalang that in middle between medan  to tapak tuan or reverse, it make me seldom to just for windows walking to see the consist of this place.

One moment in time when i bring some of family to get holliday to tapak tuan , i used and prepare a few hour to explore this of air and cool of the water to and fresh cool wind are touch of my face with softly and make me feel so fresh and have endurance to see what next.

We must pay about 15.000 IDR when first came in in the entrance gate and continius for 5 minute by our avanza car and looking for a parking place area.and we had ready with may food to eat in this place.we are looking a clean and flat place to eat.then we star to explore this exotic spirit travel place.

B ig sculpt of budha can we found also in that location.So this place is build 5 holi place of 5 religions that is exist in indonesia like a mosque , church , kuil and hindu holi place.It may describe that all of religious are calm and secure in sidikalang , north sumatera and indonesia in generalize.

Buddhis holy temple in the spirit travel place sidikalang

This place is high land more over than sidikalang which has famous as a cooles citi in north sumatera.

A mosque that also build in this location , when we go to this place we do a prays at this locations.

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