Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mpek-mpek and red bean ice cup vico palembang , so long dreaming for me..

ramzi smart travel | Mpek-mpek and red bean ice vico | mpek-mpek is a specific food from palembang as  branding food from indonesia . so much branding had exsist in palembang as a famous branding that production of this food, like pak raden , candy and new one is mpek-mpek vico. Except as a mpek-mpek this branding also ready with a red bean ice . This last drink is make me dreaming to try this red bean ice again.On that day i had drink this kulliner untill twice . and until now i am still have imajinations for only to eat mpek-mpek and red bean ice vico and came again to palembang city as wong kito region.

This is a red bean ice that i had order for one moment when i go to palembang for spend a new years holliday on 2011.Untill now we had lookingfor and try few of red bead ice in much city but it not same with this best one.So if you go to palembang don't forget to happy and spoiled your own tongue...

This a front view of vico place , beside of the highway in palembang , this outlet is stand in plaju region so its very familiar by a plaju people but now vico had famous for palembang and indonesian people.and we hope this culliner will be know for out of indonesia and don't forget to make a patent product for palembang in internasional assosiation original product from palembang this only for safety in the future..

Adrees of vico outlet is in letkol iskandar street in center of palembang specificly is in front of palembang indah mall .

And this mpek-mpek also can order from your home and this product will send by ti-ki or fed-ex,JNE and other by the official to your address.

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