Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ice scatting playing ground at mall taman anggrek jakarta so exciting place

Ramzi smart travel | ice scatting play ground at mall taman anggrek jakarta | i had remember ice scatting play ground is a seldom place in a tropical place like indonesia . in a place where have a snow seasons , ice scatting is a usual activity and similar with place to play is ready every time when snow seasons time. so..its of course different with a tropical nations like indonesia , To make an ice playing ground have make a special place that need high cost enough and did not much investor want to invest at this business .

Much of big city in indonesia ditd not have this ice scatting playing area , as i know jakarta and few city that have this ground and one of this is exist in mall taman anggrek.Sun plaza in medan also had this ice scatting play ground may be at about 2005.But this place it cat exist for a long time and this time that is nothing again. Marina batam also have a snow playing ground but also close this time.

except high cost when builds this locations , thats maintenence also have hight cost too , maybe this is be a answer why this business is did not existing for a long time .

ice scatting ground area in mall taman anggrek jakarta , wide enough and so crowded because this moment is at student holiday.For a new be who want to teach by an expert also ready a teacher or guide man with a promise before.

This place is entrence gate to the ice scating groud area .
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