Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Arafah mosque : a best mosque in Duri city to take rest and pray

Ramzi smart travel | arafah duri mosque | a mosque that lice in heart of duri city, at hang tuah street mandau district riau . This mosque is dominance with white , blue and yellow in colouring.If you pass away from pekanbaru to medan or opposite you can see beside of your road when come in to duri city mandau riau.that building so nice to see,clean and strong enough. and so much help for an islamic people to rest , relax and doing a pray.

Duri city is a centre of mandau distric riau , in this city and region so much an oil production of cevron and other also it kontractor office.so this city also call as oil city.To reach this city you can used a car for spend about 3 hour time.This city now may be more crowded in the future


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