Sunday, October 21, 2012

Putra jaya : new goverment centre of malaysia how about it ..?

Ramzi smart travel | putra jaya new government centre of malaysia | Putra jaya is a new location that developed for government centre and kings palace.| Some government office had build and used in this location.Infrastructure like roads , bridges some mosque and others had exist in this locations.A makes like or did not naturally lake had exist in this locations and make its locations so calm , and beautifull.

In this federal teritory putra jaya also build as a information technology centre and few of computerize schools had exist in this location with much of the student came from many others countries like indonesia and some of midke east nations anf africa nations.

An informations board of putra jaya

a mosque tuanku mirzan zainal abidin had stand up in this location , big , strong and beautifull and make as islamic centre of putra jaya centre.

a few of bridging in with beautifull design and make it also potential as a target to travelling than just as a govenrnment centre.

one of ministery office building centre in putra jaya that design with familiar with our eyes .

another government centre office in putra jaya

anothers mosque of the putra jaya location with a brown colouring

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