Friday, October 26, 2012

Big footprint : believe as a history of tapaktuan

Ramzi Smart travel | Giant foot print in a stone | Its believe as a supranatural story about tuan tapak , when he take his baby to the sea , his right foot is print to the stone beside of the beach and still exist untill this time.

This traveling locations is not far from center of tapak tuan city , from the harbour of tapak tuan we must turn to the right way about 5 minute then continius with walking on the cement road and up stairs way in about 15 minute but we must carefully walking in that locations because some forrest pig is some time found in that location for looking a food in the waste place around the locations.

Some time we can see most of people are fishing at this locations because much fish always can couhg in this locations. The walking step road is so high from the lip of the sea and be carefully too when walking , because the left side is a deep wall from a stone and if you fall in that area will drop to the stone and sea with big must be careful to bring a child to this locations,

take a picture in a big foot print in the stone beside the sea , some time when the streaming of the sea is increase , this big foot print and our area where we are standing will close by the water of the sea.And at the edge of the stone is strike allow to the sea.

the giant foot print is 1 meter in length and 60 cm in wide so you can thinking how abaout their body shape untill to the head ?? and local people beleave this foot print is shape when he secure his dougter and fighting with bad dragon in the sea , it describe so strong and hard the tuan tapak.

Big streaming of the sea beside the stones

Big hard stone with a black colouring stand with strong position beside of the sea.At back of the stone is a tapak tuan harbour

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