Friday, October 26, 2012

Hungry sensations : Aceh noodles with a crabs

Ramzi smart travel | Aceh noodles with crabs | One of specific food in aceh is sure Aceh noodles , its cook with specials spices thats aceh belong , make your brain and tongua similar and equals to sensations of the salivations production more and more . when it do ?? it is about more than 3 years ago when i am doing a job in a yuliddin away hospital tapak tuan.

At one night after finishing our job and our gaster is empty and need some food to add in , and after discuss for about time one of freand is want to eats a aceh noodle and he had try the noodle is very nice . so you understand what will doing  next ? yes sure we are go to the restourant and order  few portions of aceh noodle with grabs with traditional aceh spices.

This is a fresh food after cooking proses but still in wide mouth clay pot , with a smoke and make it be a good smell to invite a salivations is gone out. 

It has ready on the plate above tha table also with a dry crab with rice and drinking a cold tea.

And the end is we are ready to eat this food altogether, don't forget to pray befora you eat man.

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