Saturday, October 27, 2012

Twin islands ( pulau dua ) Best nature destinations in bakongan

Ramzi smart travel | Twin islands Bakongan | it is a two island that take position in bakongan village that lies in a higways of tapak tuan - subulussalam city.Bakongan a village that can found after a trumon village if we go from medan with a car and if we go from tapak tuan is about 3 hours and lies after a kota fajar village and north kluet.

This village is still seldom it mean did  not crowded.much of people here doing as a sailor and farmer.Some time we had buy a red kakap fish still fresh to bring to medan.

To can reach a twin island in the bakongan we must turn left side if we came from tapak tuan beside of the mosque about 3 minute we can connected to local civil of bakongan.We must looking for a medium boat which bring us to the island . and before reach a medium boat we must used a smal boat from a lips of the bakongan beach.

After negotiation is get agreement in that time with ro-round in about 350.000 IDR go in the morning and back at 3 we must used medium boat and spend about 30 minute to landing at left twin island.Before i forget that we only give visite to the left because this island more secure althought still have any wild animal but some people always go there.

For the right island is did not recomendations by local people because this island still nature , stranggers and much theire senior who had died had grave in the island so afraid if the guest go there and make bad spoke and conversations it will make dangger and distrub the old spirit.

Twin island is can see with clearly from bakongan beach , this picture is take before we go to the boat as a only transportation . Some of local sailor is catch a fis in the sea.

Star to used a small boad to the more deep sea and then we change to the medium boat which
bring me to the left twin island

We had above of medium boat and take a snack while the ship is through allow the sea to bring me to the twin you can see we must bring hard robber shoe to avoiding wounds that can be by nature coral cut.

Swimming , snorgling and catch a namo fish in the coral sea

When snorgling or walking in the sea coral we must use a special shoe and must be carefull , some of us be lacerated wound on femur , calf and food.

a much of big beach animal are found here as nature habitat . we are proud that have time to see a nature island that far from polution and seldom be touch of a bed humans hand.We hope this island is maintenence and be save in the future.



its truly beautiful....I have been there...

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yes ,we hope more of hiding destination in aceh can be explore and expose to all of the world..tq