Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ielhok waterfall and naturally stone pool in sawang...

Ramzi smart travel | ielhok waterfall and naturally stone pool | its a waterfall and pool that take locations in a sawang village , at right side of highway tapak tuan meulaboh . We must turn the left side after a medium bridge . We must also be carefully if used a car because the road is narrow and much children and local people are in the road , And a parking area near of this place are narrow too so you must be carefull changes potition of the car when back home.

A low waterfall and small stone pool is nice enough use for swimming and jumping from above of the stone. A green clear water thats came of the hill that still cover by the forrest trees make water is very fresh when touh  of our skin.

We can take a bath after permious to the local people , and forbidden take a bath with an un polite dress and cloth or take a bath with different genitalia like a man and a women take bath in this place in the same time.its forbidden.except a children

Some local child had take a bath with full happy and glad when jump from a high stone in maybe about 5 meter . It seem he always do it in this place in the morning and afternoon like in the bathroom in thebig city.This moment is unique and seldom to take picture in that situations

a small ladies child a playing and dryng her soul at a big stone beside of the pool.The picture is seem to be so nature 

This pool is call as ie lhok that i dont know why give this name . as i know ie its mean a water . Not far from this pool can we find a beach and anothers waterfall thats call as ie dingin or cool water.By a car may be need about 2-3 minute .

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