Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bandrek house : hot drink at the cool place in payakumbuh

Ramzi smart travel | bandrek house | bandrek house is a place that location in highway from pekanbaru to payakumbuh . Accurately is near of payakumbuh city at the highland location,so drink a cup of various hot bandrek in the morning is nice enough to relax and rest in this place.So much choice of drink and food like wet and dry noodle with egg or chicken , dry rice , bread drill and other .

bandrek is a drink that make from ginger , cinnamon and palm sugar it drink at at hot temp and make effect of warm of our body and much people believe that this drink can repair if your body is not fit and malaise.

view from parking area or beside of highway pekanbaru payakumbuh . Location of this resto is strategiest enough with low it will invite your stomach to fill with bandrek.

bandrek house had operational for more then 9 years or start at 2003 and untill now this brand is still exist

Much people stay for a moment to get rest in this place

hill view on the back place of bandrek house is so wonderful with a cup cappucino and a piece of dry fried banana make our ilusions flying to the sky.

This is one of angle view of scenery at the back of bandrek house , sun rise , sun set between peak of the mountain and hill.

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