Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rain forrest berastagi ( bukit barisan) garden , still exist for more 20 years ..but need re-inovations in the future.

Ramzi smart travel | rain forrest berastagi garden | A place where much rain forrest are hiding and saving from a bad  hand holding that can be break and powerily that change function and ecosistem with many promise So lets save andmaintenence our rain forrest for the future.This locations can be build by the government with notes just for saving and traveling and dit not for selling or others ofcourse.But the building and the road , game and others must be inovations in means developed from year to year in the future.

Potitions of this place is about 5 km from berastagi wellcome sculpt  or about 55 km from medan , Some transportation tools can be used to reach this place because it stand beside of the berastagi medan highway.And all of people in medan must be knows that llocations.

In this gate that describe of karo tradisional roof , we can buy a entrance ticket as i know it not expensive . Than we can continiu to the open ground area with a cement walking road . So we can see a few of old and big trees .

Some wild animal also playing and live and would found as long as your road like a monkey and others.Some of animal playing are ready for example riding an elephans , riding a horse with guide of the owner or coach.

A forrest department of indonesia whose preservations and save this Rain forrest bukit barisan garden.

The office of forrest departement

Some of traders in front of rain forrest bukit barisan garden or beside of the highway road the ways to medan.Because of this still in the so it is desolate.

This as a way to the berastagi centre city , that opposite with way above .

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