Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Manado porridge : A famous indonesians food from manado ..

Ramzi smart travel | manado porridge | A special food that came from north sulawesi is a porridge that call as manado porridge . that is so famous as food of indonesia so except in manado much of the city in indonesia already have this culliner . especially for district or city where a manado people much enough stay .

Manado porridge or also call as tinutuan porridge is an original porridge from manado . This porridge is yellow in colouring but some time the colour of porridge is white its depend on the material that used as combinations it.

Yellow porridge is because combinations with gourd ( labu ) that naturally is yellow in colouring.Except labu the manado people also like combine with edible tuber , vegetable ,salt ,onion , lemon grass and other but of course a rice as a basic baterial to make a porridge.and some time a few people is add and salty dry fish ti the porridge.

This manado porridge picture is take when breakfast at menara peninsula hotel in the city of manado at  july 2010. i had go there for congress of  indonesian surgeons community .

We are in manado is similar with time of world cup foot ball . So in lobby of menara peninsula hotel manado a place where i had stay for about one weeks had shown an icon of world cup south of africa.

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